Medical Conditions – What Should You Tell Your Murfreesboro Dentist?

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We talked last time about dental issues you should share with your doctor. Are there any medical conditions to tell your Murfreesboro dentist about?

Absolutely.  If large procedures need to be done, you should tell your Murfreesboro dentist and also your hygienist. It could affect the way you heal if you have procedures completed. A lot of medications people are on can affect their oral health very quickly. For instance, many medication cause dry mouth.

Sometimes, people are surprised because they come for a cleaning, and all of a sudden realize that they’ve got lots of decay. It ends up being something that could have been prevented because of some of the medications they’re on.We can do a lot of things to help prevent the spread of massive decay from dry mouth due to medication.

Are there any specific medications that you would want to know about?

Pain medications and blood pressure medications are usually two of the big ones. Medications for osteoporosis and a lot of cancer medications can have a lot of effect on your teeth rather quickly. But really, your dentist should know all of the medications that you’re on each visit. If there are changes in your medication, you should let your Murfreesboro dentist know.


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