4 Dental Milestones Every New Parent Should Know

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Having a child is full of excitement and joy. As a parent, you’re bound to research and pay attention to certain milestones in their lives. You’ll never forget your little one taking their first steps. However, it’s also essential to remember dental milestones. This article will tell you the main milestones family dentists want you to know about.

1. The First Appointment

Most babies get their first tooth around the age of six months. According to Stanford Medicine, babies should head to their first appointment within six months of the first tooth coming in or by the age of one year old. Early visits help lay the foundation children need to feel comfortable at the dentist and have proper oral hygiene.

2. First Solid Foods

Most parents are excited to give their children something other than breastmilk or formula. Babies love drinking juice and quickly develop a favorite solid food. However, this is also a crucial dental milestone. Introducing your baby to new foods can also teach them to avoid unnecessary sugars that can lead to cavities later. It’s best to develop healthy eating habits as early as possible.

3. The Nighttime Bottle

It’s common for parents to put their child to bed with a bottle. Years ago, parents insisted children wouldn’t sleep without a milk bottle. However, this causes tooth decay if your little one is sucking on a bottle throughout the night. That’s why eliminating the nighttime bottle is an essential dental milestone for your baby.

4. Permanent Teeth

As your child gets older, baby teeth will naturally fall out. Permanent adult teeth will replace them. This is a significant milestone for children. Most children discover the myth of the tooth fairy, and many kids are excited to start growing up. However, this is also a time to begin preventative care, if necessary. Children may need orthodontics or help address specific conditions to ensure oral health. Family dentists can make referrals if your child needs additional help.

Family dentists will be there for you and your child through every milestone. Fluoride treatments will help protect baby teeth, and dentists will work with you to develop healthy habits before permanent teeth come in. Contact Murfreesboro Family Dentistry today to schedule your first appointment.


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