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Teeth Whitening

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Causes of Teeth Stains



Coffee, tea, and red wine are three of the biggest culprits that contribute to teeth staining. While these beverages can contribute to your health in other ways, they can really take a toll on your enamel.



Tar and nicotine, two chemicals found in tobacco products, can cause serious teeth staining. While tar is naturally dark and stains easily, nicotine is odorless and colorless until it reacts with oxygen. The substance then can become a yellowish color, which is what transfers to the tooth’s surface.



Sometimes the very thing that can make you well can severely affect other areas of your health, including your smile. Some antibiotics are known to discolor teeth in children whose adult teeth haven’t grown in yet. Antihistamines, antidepressants, and high blood pressure medication are also on the short list of medications that can cause teeth to yellow.



If you played a sport in your younger years, it’s likely that you may have witnessed your teammates get hit in the face with a ball or elbows of the opposing team. Not only do these injuries hurt, they can also damage the enamel of your teeth, causing them to discolor. A hard enough hit can also damage the nerve of the tooth, causing it to darken.



The thickness and brightness of your tooth enamel are partially out of your control. Despite excellent oral hygiene, some people have naturally yellow-tinted teeth even shortly after an intensive cleaning.


Old age

As time wears on, so does the enamel on our teeth. This is simply a fact of life and cannot be avoided in most cases. At a certain point, our teeth will all start to lose their shimmer unless we do something about it.
If you’re struggling with yellowing or discolored teeth, Murfreesboro teeth whitening may be the way to go. Murfreesboro Family Dentistry can help restore your smile to its bright white glory safely and effectively without the hassle of store-bought kits