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Children's Dentistry

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Murfreesboro?

Dr. Jackson is a general dentist that provides comprehensive oral care to patients of every age…including children!

Getting Your Child Off on the Right Start

Early preventive dental care can help your child avoid unwanted cavities or tooth-related pain. It’s essential to creating an impression that going to the dentist is something that they can look forward to! 

Medical and dental professionals recommend that parents bring their child to the dentist for the first time when his or her first tooth erupts, or around the time of their first birthday. Dr. Jackson recommends scheduling this first visit to get your child feeling comfortable at the dentist and to maximize preventative care.

Routine preventive care, early diagnostics, and education can help you and your child make smart decisions that promote healthy smiles well into adulthood. They can even help you avoid unwanted emergencies like toothaches or fractured teeth.

The “Happy Visit”

Your child’s first trip to our Murfreesboro dentist office is meant to be relaxing and interactive. We want to create a comfortable environment where they can explore the aspects of dental care, free of discomfort.

Depending on your child’s comfort level, we will:

Image of kid smiling for Murfreesboro Family Dentistry

Why See a Family Dentist?

Murfreesboro Family Dentistry makes it easy to schedule your family’s visits in one, central location. We work with you to make sure that your appointments fit in for everyone, so that it’s more convenient.