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What does it mean when you have sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can be the result of a wide variety of issues. If it’s one specific area where there’s some sensitivity, a lot of times that’s a localized area of possibly decay or a cracked tooth. If people have overall generalized sensitivity, it can be that there’s something going on, like dental recession or some periodontal disease that’s active. There are some simple fixes, like using a sensitive teeth toothpaste to help combat the problem.

However, we always want to make sure that we’re treating the underlying problem. If there’s one tooth that has a crack in it, it may be that there’s a filling or a crown that needs to be completed. Or there could be decay in that tooth. Again, it is something that a filling or a crown could take care of.

If it’s generalized sensitivity, some periodontal treatment may be needed or another type of toothpaste may need to be used.

Let’s say someone drinks coffee and the hot temperature bothers their teeth. Is that something that toothpaste would be able to fix up?

It could, but it’s incredibly case specific and depends on the severity. It may be that there’s some sensitivity where we can apply medicine here in the office and that tooth will feel better. Or, it could be that the tooth is in need of some more extensive dental treatment.


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