What Dental Conditions Should You Share With Your Doctor?

dental conditions

Are there any dental conditions that need to be told to your doctor?

Absolutely. A lot of times people think with overall health, that their mouth is kind of secondary. But when you think about overall health, the main way that you get healthy foods, vitamins, and nutrients is by eating them. If you don’t have proper dentition, or if you don’t have all of your teeth, it makes it more challenging to eat. Dental conditions are definitely something to be concerned about.

There are also a handful of medications that can cause a variety of dental problems, especially with dental extractions. So, if you’re about to start new medications, you should make sure that you’ve had a dental exam. Also, keep your physician informed about when you do need to have a dental exam.

Diabetes and Oral Health

Another thing of concern is that there is a large correlation between diabetes and oral health. The reason being is that diabetes is not only a problem with your sugar. It also affects the microvasculature or the small little blood vessels within your entire body. One of the first areas that you can find signs and symptoms of that is with your teeth and your gums bleeding. This is because your microvasculature is not able to heal very well within your mouth.

If people are a diabetic, they need regular dental cleanings and to stay aware of how to keep their mouth nice and super happy and healthy. Avoiding dental conditions will help keep their nutrition and their diet where it should be.


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