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in office savings plan

Helping Uninsured Patients with a Dental Saving Plan

What is the in-office savings plan?

Sometimes patients have concerns about payments when receiving dental health services. Their employer may not offer insurance or perhaps they would rather manage costs on their own. 

Murfreesboro Family Dentistry’s in-office savings plan is a plan that we set up to help people get their preventative treatment taken care of without having to worry about paying at every appointment.

With our in-office savings plan, we offer, at no additional cost, two exams per year, a yearly x-rays, and two preventative cleanings. Patients will also receive a discount off any additional services that need to be completed.

Who can benefit from this plan?

It’s designed for people who do not have any dental insurance. So far, those who have primarily used the plan are small business owners who want to continue to have good oral health but don’t have, or are not able to afford a large plan or employees of small businesses who are not offered dental benefits. It ends up costing less out-of-pocket to go through our in-office savings plan.

What are some examples of the preventive care services offered?

The preventative services are what people traditionally think of as six-month cleanings. Those are covered at no cost when you enroll in the savings plan. 

All preventive care services include are:

What other services are available at discounted rates?

Other dental services, like fillings or having a crown placed on a tooth, are also eligible for a discount. Also, if a patient needs to have any type of periodontal treatment completed, we can also provide a percentage discount off. 

Here are the discount rates for non-preventative services:

What is the yearly cost for the plan?

The cost varies depending on the number of people in your household.

What are some additional benefits to having the in-office savings plan?

Being able to manage your own plan is one of the main benefits, but there are some additional perks as well. For instance, there are no waiting periods that are sometimes required when you need “major work” done. You will not have any deductibles or claim forms to submit to an insurance company. Since there are no yearly maximums, you don’t need to be concerned with needing to have too much work done. There are also no missing tooth clause restrictions or exclusions.  

Selecting the in-office savings plan could be the best option for your dental health care needs.

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