Building Bright Smiles: The Importance of Family Dentistry

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Emphasizing proper dental care early on can make a huge impact on your family’s dental health for years to come. According to the CDC, 75% of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 have had a cavity in a permanent tooth. These types of dental challenges can be greatly reduced with regular visits to a qualified family dentist. Let’s look at a few reasons why your family should make frequent dental appointments a top priority.

Reduce Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a result of plaque buildup stemming from poor oral hygiene and a lack of dental care. Plaque is a sticky substance that naturally develops on the teeth. According to the National Library of Medicine, plaques contain roughly 80% water and 20% solids. Plaque can be removed to some degree through brushing and flossing, but home dental care alone cannot completely eliminate it.

Over time, plaque that isn’t removed from the teeth will turn into tartar. Tartar is a hard yellow substance that must be professionally removed from teeth. If this substance remains on the teeth, it can lead to cavities, which are small holes in the tooth enamel. Cavities can get so severe that they reach the sensitive nerves in the teeth, and this can cause significant pain. All of these problems can be reduced or avoided by visiting one’s family dentist on a regular basis.

Prevent Gum Disease

Just as serious as tooth decay is gum disease. Gum disease starts to develop when bacteria and debris settle below the gum line of the teeth. This bacteria will start to eat away at the gum tissue, which can cause swollen red gums. If gum disease is treated promptly by a family dentist, a patient can usually recover from it. However, if this problem isn’t treated properly, it can become so severe that it leads to a loss of gum tissue. This will cause the teeth to loosen and possibly fall out.

Avoid Tooth Loss

As mentioned earlier, gum disease can contribute to tooth loss when it’s not treated in a timely manner. Once a tooth is gone, you will need a false tooth or dentures, which can be inconvenient and expensive. It’s much easier to visit the dentist regularly to avoid these issues in the first place.

These are just a few reasons why you should prioritize regular visits to your family dentist. If you’re looking for a new dental office for your family, contact Murfreesboro Family Dentistry today. We look forward to speaking with you!


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