A True Family Dentist

Family dentistry in MurfreesboroWhat type of patient does Murfreesboro Family Dentistry specialize in seeing?

Dr. Jackson: As a family dentist, I treat all ages. The earlier a child starts going to the dentist, the more comfortable they are. When I was a child, I started going and I would sit on my mom’s lap and watch as she got her teeth cleaned, and that was my first introduction to the dentist. I do recommend that parents start bringing their children as young as possible to the dentist, no later than a year old. We love to see kids here.

I treat children and love to have a family centered environment. I will see patients all the way up through their older years. I do a very wide range of dental services, anywhere from cleanings, to fillings, to extractions, to dentures, to partials, to root canals.

I love to see the whole family. Again, the name of my practice is “Murfreesboro Family Dentistry.” There are many times when people will see my own kids here. I want to see kids learning about dental health early on so that they can have great success throughout their lives, with having healthy teeth and maintaining their dentition.

As soon as a child gets their first tooth is when a child should see a dentist, but no later than their first birthday.  A lot of good dental health starts with education; educating both the parents and the children as to how to take care of their teeth. We love to see the whole family.



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