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Dr. Elizabeth Jackson, Murfreesboro dentist, sitting in her brand new facility on Old Fort Parkway near Blackman.What’s the difference between a local Murfreesboro dentist and a big corporate dental office?

Dr. Jackson: First of all, I live here in Murfreesboro and I work here in Murfreesboro. My husband is from the area, and he wanted me to move up to Tennessee. I said my one qualification was that I wanted to be five minutes from my office. The reason why, is that I want to be able to look at my patients and know that I’ve provided the best quality of dentistry that they could have. I know that I would see them at the grocery store, at church, at my kids’ functions, whether it be a baseball game or out wherever it is and know that I did the best dental work possible for them.

I want to look at my patients and know that I put them first. There are a lot of offices here in Murfreesboro where they are corporately-run offices; where the dentists don’t have a vested interest here in Murfreesboro, and I really do.

The other thing is as a private business, I’m not working for someone other than the patient. It’s my goal to make sure that I provide high quality dentistry to people who I’m going to see and treat just like family.

Another big philosophy of mine is that it’s my job to inform people. It’s their job to make decisions. A big thing for me is that I think there’s a lot of educating that people could have done so that they can be more effective at their oral hygiene concepts at home. Me taking five minutes can completely change some habits that people have so they have less dental work that needs to be done. That’s a big part of my philosophy and a big part of what I think corporate offices are not using as much time to focus on.


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