Murfreesboro Crowns Sent to Local Labs

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Where are crowns for Murfreesboro Family Dentistry made?

We send our Murfreesboro crowns to a couple of different labs here in Tennessee or in North Alabama to have them made. When somebody has a crown done in our dental office, during the first appointment we get the tooth ready for the crown. We then take an impression of the tooth after it’s ready for the crown. Then we put a temporary crown on which will hold until the permanent crown is finished. Usually it takes about a week, or a week and a half to two weeks, to get the permanent crown back from the lab. Again, that’s either here in Tennessee or in North Alabama so that it’s custom fit for the patient’s tooth.

Is there a trend with getting crowns built overseas?

There is.

Are there any potential pitfalls with that?

You know, the United States tends to have pretty high standards on any type of medical or dental equipment. That’s not to say that crowns that are sent overseas don’t. However, I personally feel that there’s a little bit better quality control, knowledge of materials, and ability to communicate with the local lab technician who’s making the Murfreesboro crowns, and just a higher quality of materials that we get back from the lab.

If there was an issue with a Murfreesboro crown, would it be easier to have it fixed if it were local?

It would be. It’s usually quicker and a little bit easier, and makes it much better for the patient in terms of time that they’ll be without their crown or a bridge partial.


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