Is Charcoal Whitening Safe?

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Is Charcoal Whitening Safe?

One of the biggest new trends online is there are a lot of whitening treatments being promoted on social media outlets. One of the big ones is different types of charcoal whitening. Charcoal has been used as a cleaning agent for centuries, but is charcoal whitening safe for your teeth?

The biggest concern with some products promoted online is that there is not a lot of quality control and research. We don’t know how these products are made, how they’re used, and how they can affect the teeth. My number one recommendation for anyone who wants to do some whitening is look for a dentist who does whitening.

If you want to do something over-the-counter, look for something that has the American Dental Association seal. Basically, that means the product has been tested and vetted by a group of people to make sure that it’s safe, healthy, and doesn’t cause damage to teeth.


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