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Do your gums bleed or feel tender when you floss? Bleeding gums are one of the first signs that gum disease is making an impact on the health of your smile. It’s usually caused by plaque biofilm hidden just under the edge of your gumlines, triggering an inflammatory response.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make bleeding gums go away.

Floss Every Day

Although flossing your teeth may feel uncomfortable at first, you can compare it to cleaning a sore or cut that has started to become infected. In the beginning, cleaning the area will feel sore. After a few days, sensitivity is decreased. It’s the same when your gums are infected with gingivitis or more severe gum disease. As plaque is removed, the tissues can heal; sensitivity and bleeding gradually diminish.

Correct Flossing Techniques

Proper flossing involves wrapping the floss snuggly around your tooth in a “c” shape. Glide the floss up and down against the tooth, as well as under the gumlines. Repeat this several times on each side of the tooth. If you have difficulty reaching the area, you may want to consider a handheld floss aid, or a water flosser.

What if Bleeding Doesn’t Stop?

Normal gingivitis symptoms usually subside within 10-14 days if you are flossing regularly. If symptoms persist, you may have a more severe form of gum disease due to tartar buildup under your gums. This can lead to bone and tooth loss, as well as an impact on your overall health. If this is the case, we recommend scheduling a periodontal therapy session with Murfreesboro Family Dentistry right away.

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