Using an Electric Toothbrush

Does using an electric toothbrush have benefits?

Dr. Jackson: Mostly what it does is it helps to remove more plaque; a higher portion of plaque. That helps keep the gums healthy. I usually tell people to make sure that they’re brushing their gums as much as brushing their teeth, but with an electric toothbrush it helps to mechanically remove some of the plaque that’s usually right around the gumline that can cause gingivitis and lead to periodontal disease.

The biggest sign of gingivitis is bleeding gums. A lot of times when people have gums that are bleeding, they are concerned about brushing them and having their gums bleed. I tell people if they have gingivitis and their gums are bleeding, they definitely want to make sure they’re getting down all the way towards the gums for at least one week before being concerned about something else, such as periodontal disease.


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