Murfreesboro Teeth Whitening Options 101 – The Basics

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What are some of the teeth whitening options that you have at the office?

We have a couple of different teeth whitening options along with two different take-home options. We make customized trays for your mouth for the best results. With that, we give little syringes of what’s called Carbamyl Peroxide or some whitening gel.

We also have teeth whitening strip options. These strips are a little stronger than anything you can buy over the counter. They also have Carbamyl Peroxide in them, so it’s the same type of material. It’s just the strips are not custom-made for your mouth.

How long do the teeth whitening trays or strips need to be used?

Those are our two basic take-home options. Usually with those, people reach their whitest that they can get with whitening within four to six weeks at-home whitening. They apply the whitening either every day or every other day.

You typically have to wear the whitening trays or strips for at least an hour and a half. Usually with the whitening trays, I say you can sleep with them in. It does not matter if you wear them a little bit longer than the proposed amount of time.

What is the in-office whitening option?

Our other option is an in-office option where you get more immediate gratification. It’s usually about an hour and a half to two hours within the office. We put a little barrier around your gums, and put some very, very strong hydrogen peroxide on your teeth that whitens your teeth very, very quickly. We do that in three short sessions here within the office at the same time, within that hour and a half period. With that, we also give you the take-home trays to use with the Carbamyl Peroxide solution to continue whitening at home. So you see, we have a lot of choices at Murfreesboro Family Dentistry.


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