Murfreesboro Dental Savings Plan

Dr. Elizabeth Jackson at Murfreesboro Family Dentistry has an in house savings account.Dental Savings Plan

Dr. Jackson: We have an in office savings plan. Which is geared to people who do not have dental insurance or are in between coverage in dental insurance.

It’s a plan that takes care of preventative visits. It takes care of two exams a year, X-rays that are needed and two preventative cleanings at no cost other than the annual cost of the plan. It also gives a discount on any type of services that can be completed within the office; anywhere between 15% and 20% off of any services they might need.

If someone comes in and they need to have their teeth cleaned, their exam, X-rays, and cleaning would be at no cost. But if they need to have a filling or a crown we give a percentage off if they are part of our plan.

Is that similar to a Health Savings Plan that is Tax Deductible?

Dr. Jackson: It is not. The dental savings plan is basically a membership into our office. It can be set up for one person or a family of multiple people, as long as they live in the same household. Then as soon as the first person starts, within that year they can get two prophylaxis cleanings, their X-rays and two exams for a year, and then discounts for that entire year off of any services that they have within our office.

Is this something that is used in conjunction with dental insurance?

No. It is not for people who have dental insurance. If you have dental insurance, we take a discount by taking your dental insurance, so this is for people who do not have any type of dental insurance. However, for any services that are done, you can, if you do have a health savings account, you can use your health savings account for that.

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