Comforting Murfreesboro Patients Who Are Afraid of the Dentist

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What do you do with patients who are afraid of the dentist?

There are always going to be patients who walk in scared and afraid of the dentist. First of all, you’ve got to understand what fears bother them the most. Based on their fears – maybe they had a bad experience, they don’t like the x-Rays, or they are afraid of the noises – we work to just talk a patient through some of that. Sometimes a patient just needs more information, patience, and understanding.

Can I Get Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas?

One other thing that we do offer very, very frequently is a little bit of laughing gas or nitrous oxide here in the office. Nitrous oxide is an option that most patients are happy and healthy enough to be able to have without any type of complications. It only affects them here in the office so they don’t need to feel groggy all day. It gives people a little sense of euphoria. Sometimes for kids, it feels like they’re on a magic carpet ride. It feels like their fingers and toes are tingling just a little bit. It’s something that you just breathe in and out throughout the procedure.

After you finish your treatment, you breathe some oxygen and completely clear out your system. Then you can drive afterwards or do whatever afterwards by the time you leave the office. It just makes you feel a little bit more relaxed and at ease.


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