How Teeth Whitening Works

how teeth whitening

Can you explain how teeth whitening works?

How teeth whitening works is in a couple of different ways. Sometimes coming and getting a professional cleaning will actually help to remove some of those surface stains. A lot of times, people don’t realize that you might not need to have whitening. You may just need to have your teeth cleaned.

Past that, if you do have a little bit of yellowish stain that is actually intrinsic in your teeth or beneath the surface layer of your teeth, we can use whitening products. What we offer here in the Murfreesboro Family Dentistry office is a professional strength whitening called Carbomil Peroxide. It gets into the little tubules and breaks down the staining within your teeth.

It is completely healthy for your teeth and not anything that is going to cause long-term harm. That’s in comparison to some of the products out there that you find, especially on social media sites. Those can be harmful to your teeth because they can cause some superficial scratching or scraping to your teeth. Something that’s more abrasive than what is healthy for your teeth.

What is the Whitening for Life Program?

We have program in our office called Whitening for Life. You come in, we make some customized whitening trays for you, as long as your mouth is healthy enough. And you get some whitening gel. As long as you keep your regularly scheduled recall appointments (every 6 months), we’ll give you a tube of whitening to continue whitening for as long as you’re a patient here with our office.



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