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Halloween might be over, but your teeth are not in the clear yet. The holidays are coming. You know what that means: candy canes, cookies, cake, and cocoa. Can you really protect your teeth healthy during the holidays?

The excess sugar, acid, and starches are bound to do a number on your oral health. And how can you resist? There’s hope for you yet. Have a happy holiday season and keep your mouth healthy. Murfreesboro Family Dentistry will show you how.

Brush and Floss Extra

You might not want to go through the extra work of brushing after every snack and meal, but it will save you down the road. Especially if what you’re snacking on is sugary, acidic, or starchy.

Take a little extra time, it doesn’t have to be intense or vigorous, but give your mouth a little extra attention these holidays. Brush after every snack and meal and bust out that floss after lunch.

Choose Foods Wisely


We all get a little bake-happy during the winter holidays. But eating all that gingerbread in one sitting is just as damaging as you think. The excess sugar not only affects your body’s blood sugar levels, but every bite you take is adding to the erosion of the protective surfaces of your teeth.

Go ahead and bake, but maybe do a half batch. Don’t be afraid to layout fruit and vegetable trays in lieu of those sweet treats.


You might be surprised to know that starches, if left on your teeth for long, can do some damage too. Starches are not inherently damaging to your teeth, but they help give food and shelter to the bacteria that are. Foods like mashed potatoes, breads, crackers, and pretzels tend to work their way in between our teeth and into the crowns of our teeth. Unless we get to it first, the harmful bacteria are going to have a field day.

Indulging is not indulging if we do it all the time. So, go ahead and have fun at the dessert tray, just be mindful.

Mind What You Drink

When it gets cold, we all want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a nice big mug of hot cocoa. And that’s great, just watch how much and how often.

Not only can sugar and acid work to damage the enamel of your teeth, drinks like coffee and wine will also stain your teeth. You can reduce the staining of your teeth by rinsing or brushing shortly after you partake (and by drinking these less often).

Protect Your Teeth

We all do it. We all use our teeth to open packages or untie knots. But this can be more damaging to your teeth than you might know.

Your teeth aren’t meant to bite down or tear materials like hard plastics. It can lead to chipped or broken teeth, or even dislodging an implant.

So be prepared – Keep a pair of scissors or a small pocketknife handy.

Keep Up with Routine Care

With all the extra commotion of the holiday season it’s easy to forget about a checkup or an exam. But the holiday season might be the most important time to stay on schedule with your dental care.

Make sure you are keeping your appointments and telling your dentist about any issues that arise. Don’t put it off until after the holidays.

Call Murfreesboro Family Dentistry today and get some time on our calendar.


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