High Tech Dental Equipment

Murfreesboro Family Dentistry high tech office equipmentDr. Jackson: One of my main concerns when I set up my practice was considering the things the patients didn’t, such as all of the bacteria and pathogens that most people don’t want to think or know about behind the scenes. I wanted to make sure that the sterilization area, where we clean all of our dental instruments, was on display. We have a window that shows everything, such as the instruments going through the process.

One of the main things I wanted to do was to make sure everything was touch free, so that if someone who’s cleaning the instruments is carrying something dirty, they don’t have to touch something previously sanitized, meaning that they’d have to wipe it down again.

Most of our dental equipment is touch-free. We can process the instruments without having to touch the machinery that we use to clean the instruments, and we also have a dryer for our instruments. We mechanically remove any type of debris from our instruments, dry them, and then use the sterilizer to ensure that all the bacteria and pathogens are gone.


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