Does it Really Matter What Toothpaste I Use?

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Choosing a toothpaste confusing?

The American Dental Association tests out toothpastes so you don’t have to.

All toothpaste is NOT created equal. Choosing the correct one for you may seem daunting, having to sift through ingredients lists, flavors, and brands.

To make it easier for you to choose the right toothpaste, the American Dental Association (ADA) has set efficacy and safety standards required to receive their literal “Seal of Acceptance”. The ADA mandates all toothpaste brands entering the market submit scientific data, including results from clinical study and laboratory, before they earn “the Seal”. Additionally, The ADA conducts its own scientific tests on each new submission to verify the results.

The ADA seal is granted many types of dental hygiene products, including, flossing products, mouthwash, whitening products, mouthguards, and denture cleaners and adhesives to name a few. Check whether your current dental hygiene products carry the ADA Seal and ensure any new products you buy do also. It is important to take dental health seriously, and this is an easy step you can take in the right direction.


4 Reasons Why You Should Brush with ADA-Accepted Toothpaste

Some toothpaste is not what it seems. Responsible dentists will recommend ADA-accepted products, but as the user you have the responsibility of verifying your dentist’s guidance. Toothpaste that may claim or seem to be the best choice for your dental health could actually be damaging your teeth.

Here are four reasons why you should only brush with ADA-accepted toothpaste:

  1. They are Scientifically Tested and Proven Safe 

The ADA vets all test results toothpaste brands send to them through their own scientific laboratory tests. These tests will confirm a brand’s claim of improving dental health such as lessening tooth decay, whitening teeth, reducing gingivitis, or preventing enamel erosion or bad breath. The toothpaste must live up to its brand’s claims, otherwise the ADA will reject the submission and deny its Seal of Acceptance.

  1. You Get What You Pay For 

In buying an ADA-accepted product you can rest assured that the claims on the package will be fulfilled. Whether you are looking to whiten, fight bad breath, desensitize, or just get a good, clean mouth, their claims have been confirmed by rigorous laboratory testing. With ADA-accepted products you are sure to be improving, not degrading, your dental health.

  1. ADA-Accepted Toothpastes Have All the Right Stuff 

In order for a toothpaste to receive the ADA Seal, it must contain fluoride. Fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay by demineralizing enamel in the early stages of decay. The ADA also regulates types and amounts of desensitizing agents in toothpastes. Potassium nitrate and stannous fluoride are the most commonly found compounds used by toothpaste brands to help fight sensitivity. The ADA approves of these compounds as potassium nitrate helps make the nerves in the teeth less sensitive and the stannous fluoride helps fortify the healthy and protective surfaces of the teeth.

  1. There Are No Unwanted Side Effects 

The ADA’s tests not only ensure the toothpaste does what it says it will do, but it also ensures there are no adverse effects when using it. ADA-accepted toothpastes contain no chemical sweeteners, whiteners, or abrasives that may actually by destroying your enamel and eating away at your teeth.

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