What is a Dental Crown?

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Dr. Jackson Explains What a Crown Is.

A crown is something that goes 360 degrees around a tooth. A crown is usually needed if there is a very large filling or a very large area of decay in a tooth. A filling of that size won’t hold up for an extended period of time, so that’s something that needs to go 360 degrees around the tooth to hold it together.

Or if the tooth has a crack in it, we want to make sure that we do something that goes all the way around the tooth so that it will hold the tooth together. Also, after a tooth has had a root canal a crown will be necessary. A root canal takes out the nerve of a tooth and with that, it takes out all of the blood supply and makes the tooth a little bit more brittle.

Is that different from a cap in any way?

A crown is exactly the same as a cap.

Crown Materials

There are a couple of different types of materials that can be used for a crown. A crown can be all metal, which is usually a mix of different types of metals.

It can be what’s called a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, which means that there’s a metal base that actually touches your tooth, and on top of it there’s a porcelain or tooth colored type material that is bonded to that metal. Or it can be an all-porcelain crown. All-porcelain crowns are probably the most popular that can be used. There are a couple of different varieties of all-porcelain crowns, but we tend to do all-porcelain crowns if possible.

Is there a reason that the all-porcelain might be a better choice than the porcelain on metal?

Dr. Jackson: I prefer a certain type of all-porcelain crown because usually you have to remove less tooth structure to have it done, which is one of the main reasons why we use them. Also with the all-porcelain crowns, the cement or the glue that we use actually bonds to the crown and to the tooth, so it creates a really good seal for the tooth.

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