4 Common Causes of Bad Breath, and How to Avoid Them.

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If you want to make sure your breath doesn’t smell, avoid onions and garlic. They’re the usual suspects of bad breath because they stay on our tongues between teeth or under gums until saliva breaks them down (or brushing/flossing). If these particles aren’t broken down by saliva or swept away by brushing or flossing, the chemicals that cause a stink are carried into your bloodstream which then gets sent to your lungs causing even more smelly issues!

Dental Hygiene

Your mouth is home to a plethora of nooks and crannies, not all of which are visible. They can trap food particles that will lead to bacteria growth if they aren’t properly removed by your teeth brushing routine- this includes the surfaces too! Your oral health could suffer as you develop cavities or other diseases on your gums due to plaque buildup with bad breath being one sign of such problems.

Tobacco Products

Smoking is bad for your mouth. It can cause tooth discoloration, inflammation of the soft tissue in your mouth, and increased risk of oral cancer or leukoplakia leading to white patches inside the mouth. Smoking also slows down wound recovery as it impedes blood flow while damaging teeth and gums. These chemicals are harmful to your mouth both externally from smoke inhalation, and internally because they get absorbed into tissues when inhaled.

Medications and Medial Conditions

Medication can cause dry mouth and a lack of saliva. The less saliva that’s produced in your mouth means bacteria is not being broken down by it as quickly, leading to unhealthy teeth and gums.

When our mouths are full of bacteria, bad breath can be a symptom. These infections could be causing the foul smell or it might just mean that you have more serious issues like respiratory problems and diabetes. If your dental hygiene routine is not enough to combat this issue, go see a doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis because there may be underlying health problem.


The best way to keep your teeth healthy is by maintaining proper dental hygiene. This not only will it ensure the long-term health of your mouth, but it will lower the chances of having bad breath as well! Some things you can do at home are:

  • brushing twice a day
  • flossing daily
  • swishing and gargling with mouthwash regularly
  • cutting out foods that may have sugar or acid in them (such as sodas) from one’s diet; they’re just harmful for oral care anyways

There are a variety of medications that can cause dry mouth, and there may be an alternative medication with less side effects. If you have underlying medical conditions causing your bad breath, consult a physician to get it taken care of.

At Murfreesboro Family Dentistry we’re here to help take care of all your dental needs by saving you from those pesky symptoms like persistent halitosis or chronic sore throat so don’t hesitate in reaching out today – our people are always ready to give their expert opinion on just how they can make sure this doesn’t affect you again.


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