What Causes Dry Mouth?

what causes dry mouth

What causes dry mouth and how can you resolve it?

Dry mouth is an annoying yet seemingly harmless condition, however it is important to understand what causes dry mouth to make sure you don’t have a bigger problem. The biggest cause of dry mouth is a lot of medications that people take. It is a main side effect. While many of the medications that our physicians prescribe for us are what help make our bodies healthy, some of the side effects are having a dry mouth. And why dry mouth can be so, so problematic to your actual teeth is that it allows the bacteria that cause decay to basically run rampant.

Saliva or spit is what God gives us to naturally rinse off our teeth. It helps make sure that our teeth can stay nice and happy and healthy. We like to get those bacteria off of our teeth on a continual basis.

As we age, our level of saliva or what our bodies produce goes down. Additionally, we start to take more medications as we age. When we get on medications that we take regularly over time, it can dry out the mouth and cause a lot of damage in the way of decay.

Help for Dry Mouth in Murfreesboro

Fortunately, there are products that can help with this annoying side effect. Some are over-the-counter, and others are available from Murfreesboro Family Dentistry. If you have a problem with dry mouth, have your dental needs assessed at our office. We’ll make sure you have the proper protocol to get rid of your dry mouth problems.




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