Teeth and Health – What To Tell Your Family Doctor About Your Teeth

teeth and health

Dr. Jackson, is there anything that I should tell my family doctor that we talk about when I’m a patient with you? Are your teeth and health related? 

Dr. Jackson: Absolutely. A lot of times the mouth can be a little bit of a peephole into what’s going on with all of your body. There are very prevalent diseases, such as diabetes, that can be seen in the mouth. Most dentists do try to make sure to check your blood pressure as another precaution. Your overall exam can give clues as to what may be going on with your overall health. A good dentist will notice things that need to be communicated to your doctor. At Murfreesboro Family Dentistry, every single patient gets a blood pressure check. Those who have diabetes, we also check blood sugar because it can dramatically affect your entire health. 

What to tell your dentist about your doctor visits…

But there are things we need to know from your doctor as well.

When you come to the dentist, you should always think about bringing a current medical history. You should also bring a list of any medications that you’re on to each appointment. If there are ever any medicine changes, those need to be told to your dentist. A lot of medications can affect things in your mouth. They can cause side effects that look like dental problems, such as dry mouth. There are also medications that you may be on, whether they be injections or IV medications, that can have pretty dramatic effects.

Any type of dental appointment that you have, you need to make sure that you inform your dentist of any type of medical conditions that can affect your teeth and health. We go over some of this during your initial intake, your medical history, but it’s important to keep us up to date with each appointment. 


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