Staying Current in Dental Science – Keeping Up With New Advancements

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How do you keep up with new advancements in dental science?

I always want to make sure that I stay on top of what is current in dentistry and dental science. I used a variety of methods to do this. On a daily basis, I get emails from the American Dental Association. These help me to keep up with current topics and concerns within dentistry. On a fairly frequent basis, I attend continuing education classes to keep up with the greatest advancements within dentistry. I always want to make sure that my patients have the best access to oral health. One way I do that is through local dental societies, through statewide dental societies, as well as through the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Do you have an example of some of those local dental societies?

I am a member of the Murfreesboro Dental Society. As well as I’ve attended many other local dental meetings. I was part of the Murfreesboro Society for Advanced Dentistry.

Everyone has heard of the ADA. What is the Academy of General Dentistry?

The Academy of General Dentistry is a group of all general dentists. And they really focus on continuing education classes for general dentists to become more competent in everything that a general dentist faces. This could be the need to refer to a specialist or how to take care of a specific procedure and make sure that general dentists can do it with competency.



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