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Do you have any dietary recommendations for better oral health?

One of the biggest concerns with your diet is the bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria cause can cause decay and a lot of other problems for your teeth and gums. Bacteria need to have some sort of source for their nutrition, and that nutrition is sugar. However, it’s not necessarily the amount of sugar. It’s the frequency and the amount of time that it’s in contact with your teeth that is critical. It is directly related to the amount of damage that can arise.

Keep sugars low, but not just that. Also keep low the amount of time sugars are in contact with your teeth. Frequent snacking is definitely more problematic. We’re starting to get a little bit warmer weather here in Murfreesboro, and people start playing more sports and being outside more often. They are drinking lots of sports drinks, sitting outside at the pool – activities where they’re constantly sipping on beverages or constantly snacking on high sugar items. This can be incredibly problematic for oral health in Murfreesboro.

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