Common Questions at Murfreesboro Dentist Office About Pediatric Dentistry
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murfreesboro dentist officesIt’s no secret at our Murfreesboro dentist office that dental care is one of the most important aspects of maintaining good overall health. Still, at least one in five Americans has one or more untreated cavities. Making sure your children take proper care of their teeth is the best way to instill positive oral hygiene habits for life. Here are some answers to common questions surrounding pediatric and family dentistry.

What’s the difference between pediatric and family dentistry?

Think of a pediatric dentist as a pediatrician of the dental industry. They specifically focus on children’s oral health and spend two or three years learning about the specialized knowledge of children’s dental care. A family dentist, however, is quite literally a dentist for the family. They typically offer a wider range of services and can treat patients of all ages. Murfreesboro dentist offices are a great option for a family dentist.

When should my child start going to the Murfreesboro dentist office?

There is no exact age set for your child to make their first dental visit, but experts say parents should be proactive and make an appointment as soon as they notice that a tooth is coming in. This ensures adequate time for a full checkup and can also serve as a learning lesson to prepare you for the changes in dental care procedures.

How can I make sure my child’s diet aligns with their dental needs?

Typically, a balanced diet is what’s best for your child’s developing teeth. This means one serving of fruits, vegetables, breads, dairy, and protein. Keeping sugary food and beverage intake at bay will also help keep your child’s teeth healthy. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a family dentist such as Murfreesboro dentist offices for a specific consultation regarding your child’s dietary needs in relation to oral health.

How do I know if my child is getting enough fluoride?

Fluoride is essential to healthy teeth development. If you’re uncertain as to whether or not your child is getting enough, simply have your family dentist evaluate your home’s water for specific fluoride levels. If they’re lower than standard, your dentist can prescribe fluoride tablets as a supplemental intake method.

Ultimately, knowing the answers to these common questions can help you make the most informed decisions regarding your family’s dental needs.

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